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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 16, 2009 4:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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time and remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. ♪ >> gregg: this is a fox news alert. we are getting videotape of american marines in afghanistan engaged in a very intense fire fight with the taliban. those marines working to secure voting of the election there. the taliban has claimed responsibility for a series of recent attacks and threatens anybody that dares to vote. on saturday suicide car bomb killed seven people and wounded 91 outside nato's military headquarters in kabul. >> julie: another fox news alert. we are getting brand-new video of a midair crash today. take a look at these dramatic
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pictures. two fighter jets were rehers go for an air show. they collided in midair sending one of the planes crashing into several homes below. one of the pilots was killed. a woman inside the house was seriously hurt and four others were injured. 4
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what we don't know what the senate finance committee is likely to come up with. they have been more focused on a not for profit coop as straight government run program. what is important is choice and competition. i'm convinced at the end of the day the plan will have both of those. that is not the essential element. >> and robert gibbs on another sunday show says the president favors the government or public option but the bottom line is the white house wants to see choice for consumers and if a co-op is the way to go they will sign on to that. >> gregg: i'm not sure if they have a choice. if president obama wants to
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fight for that government option notwithstanding the fact that polls seem to oppose it, mike. >> you are absolutely right. basically the white house is watching what the senate is negotiating as they try to come together on a deal. basically the republicans in the senate are saying we're not on board with the government option. we would consider co-ops and when he did a townhall meeting in montana. leading those negotiations he got an earful that basically, if we are looking for a public option it is not going to happen. white house doesn't really have an ability to fight this that they really want to. >> mike emanuel, thanks very much. >> julie: now we want to know what you think. who do you trust more, your insurance company or the government. >> tweet us at "got one that said, i think the question would be better posed who are you more afraid of the health insurance companies or
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its government. >> i think the poll is on that. >> julie: we'll be talking to scott rasmussen about what americans will be thinking about right now.
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>> trace: it's considering taking over such a personal issue of our life. it's very scary. >> gregg: police making an arrest in a frightening and bizarre attack on the mayor. tom barrett recovering in the hospital he was beaten with a metal pipe. he was attacked last night as he was leaving wisconsin state fair with his family. the mayor had just come to the aid of a woman when she was attacked by the pipe wielding suspect and then pounced on barrett and struck him repeatedly. mayor's brother had this to say a short time ago. >> she in stable condition. i have talked to him personally. he has a good sense of humor. he is -- he is great brother.
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he is good shape. he'll be fine. he did sustain some pretty significant injuries. he -- the doctors say he is stable and he'll be fine. >> gregg: from our fox affiliate is live. kathy explain what happened here and a bit more about how the mayor is doing. >> we are here at the press conference just wrapped outside the mayor's brother's house. you heard the update about the mayor's condition said to be stable. we did learn more about the circumstances that led up to this attack. police tell us the mayor was with his family at the state fair last night they were leaving around 10:45 walking back to the car when the mayor heard a woman calling out in distress. she was asking someone to call 911. we're told that woman was a grandmother who was trying to
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protect her granddaughter. according to police. that child's father had shown up at the grandmother's house intoxicated and demanding to see the child but threatening to harm himself and others.
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you are in for mainly a rain event and the storm system is going to affect a small area. that is certainly the good news. here is the center of the storm, about 40 miles and 80 miles east of panama city. that is where we'll see it make landfall. it could be as is early as 8:00 and around 10:00. we need to watch it for the next couple of hours. the main threat here will be the heavy rain. now, the winds right now 50 miles an hour. we are expecting a 5:00 update that will be coming out in the next 40 minutes that the winds will bump up. here is the tropical storm warnings that are in effect. this is gainesville over to pensacola but it doesn't look
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like pensacola isn't going to get much of an effect of this storm. it's going to continue to go up through alabama and heavy rain will shift from push up into alabama for tomorrow. again, rain is the name of the game over the next several hours and in through tomorrow. rainbands are starting to push on. panama city is getting hit with heavy rain. isolated amounts up to ten inches that could be possible by the time all said and done. two more to talk about. other one, bill that is much stronger and we'll tell but those coming up in just a little bit. >> julie: all right. domenica davis, thank you very much. >> gregg: president obama on a expend style push to sell health care reform to the american people. earlier on, one of the president's major selling points was to fix the economy but as of
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today. the president is turning up the heat on insurance companies. take a listen to this. >> they are held hostage by health insurance companies that deny them coverage or drop their coverage or charge fees they can't afford for care they desperately need. it's hurting too many families in business. it's wrong. we're going to fix it when we pass health insurance reform this year. insurance companies, public en any number one.
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pretty uncomfortable and what kind of terms will be there. you're right, we were blaming the protestors and don't forget the tv newscast terse and now it's the insurance companies and it's the flavor of the day and i'm sure it will change in the weeks to come. they've identified somebody that perhaps folks aren't thrilled with and so let's go after them a little bit. it sure looks like a campaign rather than an issue. >> gregg: congressman altmyer the president repeated his famous promise. if you like your health care
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plan, you can keep your health care plan. he says it over and over. isn't it true, sir, there is nothing whatsoever in the current proposals that would prevent an employer from dropping worker coverage and simply paying an 8% payroll penalty because it's easier and cheaper. >> the easiest and cheapest thing for employer to do right now, if that is their concern, is to drop coverage right now. to so i don't think that argument makes any sense. if you are an employer who right now offers insurance for your employees and make the decision that is not cost-effective for you. there is nothing to prevent you from making the decision to drop coverage. the difference between what the president is talking about and what current law is, if you are the unfortunate employee in that circumstance, you are going to have an option not just the public option but an entire menu of private insurance options as well. >> gregg: congressman harper,
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the president insists the reform will not increase the deficit and reduce health care costs but the non-part ceos they say the house plan will increase the deficit by $239 billion and the ceo director himself said that the democrats' plan will not increase costs and not lower them. who do you believe? >> obviously the ceo numbers are more accurate than other numbers we're going to see. the biggest concern has been the fact that people are upset about deficit spending and the fact that we cannot continue at this rate. i don't see how you can increase coverage and not have rationing without raising the deficit. i think that is going to be a continuing issue for folks at home. >> congressman, the president
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also promised and i'll quote here, i'll make sure that no government bureaucrat gets between you and the care you need. isn't the opposite required and in fact i looked at page 30 the house bill, it blishsz what is called a health benefits committee with a power to determine -- i'll quote again on page 30 of the bill. the power to determine, quote, covered treatments and services. isn't that a bureaucrat getting in between you and your doctor? >> well, what that is, it's setting the minimum malt level of coverage that will be available for everybody that is under this health exchange. that is not getting between you and your doctor. at minimum here are the services that an insurance company must offer if they wish to enter into the exchange. >> it doesn't say that. i read it on page 30. it doesn't say what you just claim. it's very wide open and it says, they can determine covered
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treatments and services which to me as a lawyer, they can deny it. >> they can determine the minimum level of coverage. >> gregg: doesn't say that. >> there is nothing preventing the private insurance company from denying your claim. >> gregg: it never says it determines minimum coverage. it determines coverage, treatments and services. >> the bill says if you are an insurance company and whether it be the public option or the private insurance industry and you want to participate in the federal health exchange which is a menu of options for consumer you have to abide by a minimum level of coverage fwuachblt to go above that, so be it and the bill does say that. >> congressman hart maybe i misread it. congressman harper when i opened the op-ed, i was bit surprised. surely he is going to address
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the major concerns that americans have been expressing in townhall meetings and elsewhere. that would be the so-called public option. government run programs and potential rationing, losing current coverage all those things. he addressed none of those things. he seemed to ignore them. he urged reforms essentially on matters that everybody already agrees on. portable insurance covering preexisting conditions, guaranteeing coverage -- are you a bit disappointed. he has had grand opportunity and he doesn't utilize it? >> obviously he is trying to get on to something he can get a little bit of support. the wheels are about to come off of this thing. i think he is trying to refocus and direct the attention on some perceived enemy in the process which he claims to be the health insurance company. we changed the language. we've gone from what is health care reform to health insurance
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reform. they've done the same thing if you go back to cap and trade, changing from global warming to climate change. this is a formula that they use, either focus groups or polls, to come up with plans they think will be a little more pal tackle. nobody wants this public option. >> gregg: okay, thank you both for being with you. >> julie: four robbers burst into a store and get much more when they bargain for when they messed with this man. we'll tell you why some people are calling him a hero and hear from the man in his own words, next. it's like you're getting violated.
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>> julie: the show must go on when it comes to cars, even in a bad economy. you'll find the world's most sought after wheels. how is the highest end of the auto industry surviving? casey siegle with the plum assignment in pebble beach, california. you should be in shorts and a t-shirt or something. >> we're going to keep the camera up, i'm wearing shorts -- just kidding. i can picture you, big sunglasses and one of these fine automobiles. i can picture it now. you ask a very good question. how do the high end luxury car companies weather the time and especially in a tough economy, what a better person to talk to. mr. charles morgan of morgan motors, well known, a big luxury car company in the u.k. this right here is the first car
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that came off your assembly line. >> we are hundred years old and this is the very first morgan, 1909 run-about and it shows ability to make a car much lighter. he grandfather ran a garage and he said he on could make a lighter car. and there was more fuel economy. to this day, it's one of the first affordable lightweight cars. >> this was before the day it was popular of making lightweight cars that manufacturers are looking at now. that has been a mission of the company from day one? >> that is hundred percent true actually. sadly we haven't been as popular in america in recent years, but in the 1960s if you wanted a sports car, a morgan was very good choice. it was quicker than an mg and it
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won rafgs. sadly after that the safety regulations and all of that came in and morgan being a small company, making 700 cars a year making it safer and safer. it's only now we're coming back into america with a car that is lightweight but completely safe and is quite economical. >> reporter: and we're looking at other morgans, absolute beauty advertises. we want to talk about the economy. europe has been impacted not just the united states and it's those mission statements. you weren't getting bailouts from the government. we saw a lot of that here in america. what are your thoughts on that? >> it's a huge honor for perhaps to be the last british manufacturer and we have achieved that. we haven't overinvested in boon times and claw back. we've seen in at least three
4:26 pm
depressions and two world wars. we constantly updated our technology and bmw engines and the latest ford engines and combine this business of economy and low carbon with performance. but no, we've been fairly modest and fairly humble and given us a long term strategy. >> reporter: hundred years today. again, really cool stuff out here at publicly beach. we were talking golf balls in the air but if a golf ball went through the air, a lot of people would sleek. >> i whipped out my big sunglasses if only you could see. >> i have a monitor. >> thank you so much. next live shot, please. >> gregg: you are too cool for the room. >> julie: too cool for you.
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>> gregg: i'm hoping, never going to happen. >> gregg: and nasty weather forming off the gulf coast. we are tracking the path of tropical storm claudette. exactly where it's heading so stick around for that. taking its rightful place in a long line of amazing performance machines. this is the new e-coupe. this is mercedes-benz.
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are more than words here. it's personal. i have diabetes. rodney's kid too. so we're so proud to manufacture... the accu-chek® aviva meters and test strips... here in the u.s.a. plus, we've proven you'll waste 50% fewer strips... when you use our meter, which means greater savings... for people with diabetes, like me. now that's a true american value. accu-chek® aviva. born in the u.s.a. >> gregg: headlines in three minutes but first a store owner says he is sad for the parents of four teenagers he shot this
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past week. two of them died. he says he had no choice. augusta was the harlem store owner that confronted four armed teenagers that tried to rob them. he said they were viciously beating the them. >> 72-year-old augusto said he had no choice which when they burst into his store on thursday afternoon. >> i told them i didn't have any money. i won't do anything. and they thought about it a little bit but it didn't work. they got more violent and they were hurt meig guy worse. >> he bought his ..12 gauge shotgun after twour armed men robbed him and terrorizing his staff. >> i had this old shotgun for 20
4:31 pm
years. so for 20 years you thought about that moment when you were robbed and victimized laying their helpless and you said that is not going to happen again? >> i didn't want that to happen again, especially if these guys were going to hurt us. >> he almost had one of the would be robbers convinced there was nothing worth taking. but they were distracted by the struggles between the gunman and his clerk. >> the kid was screaming and where is the money. i can hear the beating up on him. >> he pulled the shotgun from under his desk where it sat for 20 years firing three times. >> i took it out and i fired on him, that's all. i hurt a couple, i'm tread two of them are dead. i feel lousy about that. >> one fell through the doorway and died outside and another collapsed across the street. they followed the blood trail to the third suspect and later
4:32 pm
apprehended the fourth. >> what has been the reaction in the neighborhood? the community there is predominantly black. what has been the reaction been? >> it's been good. i risked my life to save young black kids. >> police say he will not be charged in the shooting. >> what your thoughts about the families? >> the mothers and fathers, i had a son, he died 13 years ago. he was 33 years old he was in trouble with the police and i know what it feels like. i know what those people are going through. it bothers you forever. i didn't any choice. the kids didn't give me a choice. >> gregg: that was craig rivera. you can catch geraldo at large, 10:00 eastern right here on the fox news channel.
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>> julie: it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of news, u.s. marines firing mortar rounds after insurgents attacked their basement it comes after american forces push deeper into taliban territory. u.s. troops are on the offensive trying to cut off taliban supply lines ahead of presidential elections next week. >> gregg: tragedy at rehearse a.m. for a russian air show near most could you. two air force jets colliding and killed several other people on the ground were injured. >> julie: u.s. and pakistani officials say they are encouraged by signs of tensions of rival groups of taliban in pakistan. coming after the apparent death of the pakistani taliban in a u.s. air strike. special envoy says the group is in disarray. the health care reform
4:34 pm
battle may be taking a new turn of talk of nonprofit coops. they seem to agree on so far. now, the latest from washington. >> indications that it would be open to private insurance coops that could change things in capitol hill because with plenty have senators and moderate democrats, a public insurance option was deal killer. >> votes in the united states senate there never have been the votes so to continue to chase that rabbit is just a wasted effort. >> reporter: some lawmakers compare the government option competing with private companies to mcdonald's going up a kids' lemonade stand. the government would provide the seed money for the nonprofit coops because they have to have a healthy reserve in case they have to pay out high claims. the other nonprofits would run
4:35 pm
independently. some people that are opposed say they are willing to listen. >> i think we should look at. we have a lot of those something like the nonprofit basically that seem to work. i don't know if it will do everything people want but we ought to look at it. i think its far cry from the original proposals. >> so this plan could help on the senate side but it may be complicated on the house side. house committees have passed a bill that includes the public option. many limp democrats maintain you say no to the public option and i say no to the entire plan. >> julie: all right. thank you very much. nine months having foot surgery, paula radcliff finishes first in the new york city hair marathon. fpblg the 13 mile run in one hour, nine minutes and 45 seconds. this is first race since surgery. she is the women's world
4:36 pm
champion but 35-year-old hasn't decided whether she will defend her title in berlin. she is 35. there is hope for us. you and i are in the 30s. we should go train for a triathalon together. >> gregg: all right. forget the patch. one person in great britain plans to kick the habit by going to a deserted island. jeff says he used to smoke more than 30 cigarettes a day. he packed up food and his guitar and spent time on the island left cigarettes at all. he has been tobacco free for eight days so far. he chose it this way because he knew he would be missable not smoking. >> julie: september is less than three weeks away and for the u.s. stock markets, september
4:37 pm
historically the period between labor day and halloween has been cool to investors. no one knows why. dow jones has surged over the last six months but consumer confidence and retail sales fell unexpectedly. a sign that 2009 could see more. what does it mean for the economy. let's bring in jonathan hoe nig and regular. thank you for coming on. you say for investors the period between labor day and halloween is an annual flight show. september is less than three weeks away, should we be nervous? >> we've got reason to be. as you pointed out since 1926, september is the only month of the year on average has been down for the stock market. even more reason to be worried because we had such a tremendous run since march. the problem is, of course, those results are long term and in
4:38 pm
fact there is many years that september is great for the market, 2006 and 2007 among them. what about 2009? i don't see a collapse but surely i do see a tremendous amount of volatility. now more than ever, washington is really calling the shots when it comes to this month's and this year's economy. between the stimulus, bailouts and heath care reform, new tax proposed, investors have a lot to consider this year. >> julie: so if september has been the coolest month as history shows, is there any way to get out of this never ending cycle of september being such a terrible month, can we bounce out of it possibly? >> no financial advisor, especially for long term investigators that are investors jumping out september 1st and trying to get back in the market october 1st.
4:39 pm
there has been a lot of positive sign looking forward. a lot of the layoffs, a lot of foreclosures as i ron i can as it sounds is positive. what we need is the businessmen, the people to create, to get the stimulus they need, not the economic stimulus but in terms of their own businesses to create those new jobs. it's very difficult for investors. the only thing i know is that consistently works is diversification and long term spistz. that is what is it going to save you. >> julie: what about the month of september for the overall economy and more importantly for economic recovery? >> let's hope it's positive. again a lot of blood letting we've seen, the foreclosures and layoffs, it's been very difficult as unemployment is coming up 10%. looking forward a lot of folks are anticipating that the good news we've seen since march, we
4:40 pm
have historic run in stocks since march. a lot of folks are anticipating that we're going to see some of those green shoots and stock market returns. let's keep our fingers cross 7bd a hope we see it. >> julie: cross your fingers. thank you so much jonathan. put those glasses on. >> you'll can borrow them any time. come to new york city. >> gregg: i don't know the price tag of those. >> julie: i found them. >> gregg: i bought a pair of sunglasses, five dollars. >> julie: know they aren't. >> gregg: you think america has the best health care in the world. they rank embarrassingly low when it comes from people dying of lack of adequate occasion. it gotten worse. what must be done to reverse
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this deadly trend. but i did. you need to talk to your doctor about aspirin. you need to be your own advocate. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. you take care of your kids, now it's time to take care of yourself.
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>> julie: imagine if america had 100,000 fewer deaths this year if the u.s. had a better heath care system. >> gregg: look at the sobering numbers. this is going to be found in consumer reports. it shows how far down the scale the united states has fallen compared to other industrialized
4:44 pm
countries. ten years ago the united states ranked 15th when it comes to mortality, account of folks that die for lack of timely and effective health care. and now the united states is dead last. no pun intended but the latest numbers five years ago. doctor who just attended a conference who joins us now. how in the world with such a rich country be doing so badly? >> our biggest problem is we don't insure all our citizens. we have 50 million that don't have good health care so we are behind. >> julie: a lot of our comparing our country other countries that have other health reform.
4:45 pm
countries like canada or australia. sit bad to compare the united states for example here in the united states the obesity rate is higher than any other country. our health care needs seem to be greater in certain areas of health. so how can you compare how it's been working with other countries with how it could work here. >> it's a good question. >> this research takes that into consideration so basically, tries to create a level playing field across all of these countries. we still end up struggling as the data you've seen shows. >> gregg: what should we be doing? >> we should be doing what we are, debating and discussing our health care system. there is variety of ways this could be improved. giving 50 million people to the kinds of services that would prevent these deaths would be a good start. redoing incentives in our health care system. we have a very good specialty
4:46 pm
care system but our primary system is struggling and preventative care system is struggling. we can redo incentives to make it perform better for us. >> julie: last night president obama addressed one of the untruths and one of the rumors, that is if you have health insurance by a private insurance company you will not under this health care reform bill lose your private insurance. he says that is an untruth. i spoke to a republican who gave me his side and he said that is untrue. which is it? under the health care reform bill, what happens to your private insurance, does it change at all? >> my sense is that people are going to have their private insures. our country is based on a private system. it's hard to believe that we're ever going to stray father from that.
4:47 pm
we've got a strongly orientated private system. >> gregg: so you say adding to the uninsured would solve the problem. look, if you add roughly 50 million people with insurance without a corresponding number of doctors and nurses to handle those people aren't you going to reach a point in which you are going to ration health care? >> no, that's not clear. realize what we're talking about we do have a system of universal care in the united states. it's called the emergency room act. we can all go to the emergency room. >> gregg: and hospitals pick up the costs and the government sometimes reimburse those hospitals? >> we all pick up those costs. for example, we know in the united states that you are more likely to get in trouble with pay pend sites, something that curable because uninsured people don't get care as quickly as they should. a good argument could be made if
4:48 pm
we redid things we could get by with the resources if we did this in a better way. >> julie: is this the most efficient way considering our deficit in ten years from now in we were to go ahead and implement this health care reform bill. is this financially number one that, i guess, productive for our deficit or no? at what point do we start looking at the numbers or do we just ignore them and say it's going to cost money. it's only going to get worse. >> if we had to do it wait we had now for the next decade that is going to bankrupt us for sure. >> people have a lack of trust in government. look at social security. what is going to happen when i retire. is there going to be any money left. is there any money going to be left when i become elderly and i need to go see a doctor. the question is we have tough choices to make. should we make those tough choices in a private system a
4:49 pm
public system or a mechanics of the two? that is what is so important about the debate. hopefully we'll all talk to each other and a solution that ours will emerge to help us keep up with those other countries. >> gregg: hope so. we have to change the stats. maybe you should ak senator. you have some good ideas. health care reform is the hot topic in washington weaned know where the politicians seem to stand these days but what about what they think about the reforms right now. is the president winning his campaign to convince the american public? we've got brand-new races must seven polls to share with you. bicycle, i've missed you.
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>> gregg: time for top of the news. two more british soldiers have been killed in afghanistan
4:53 pm
bringing the british death toll to 201 and debating the war there. >> new videotape of a deadly midair crash outside most could you. two fighter jets collided sending one jet crashing into homes below. one of the four pilots was killed. >> and tropical storm claudette is churning off the gulf of mexico. there is a live shot in pensacola, could dump heavy rain on the florida panhandle. forecasters do not expect heavy damage from claudette. >> julie: now a look at the public opinion polls watching the health care debate. a majority of americans, 54% say they prefer no health care reform over the current congressional bill. 35% believe legislation in congress is the best bet. scott rasmussen joins us with more. all right, first of all, what is
4:54 pm
the better health care option? >> they like the idea of reform. they know things can be improved but they are concerned about the costs and concerned about the additional government involvement but also what we're seeing in this resistance to the presidents health care reform is frustration. people didn't want the bailouts given. they didn't want to the takeover of gm and chrysler and didn't want other spending programs. health care bill is what people are saying, stop. >> gregg: scott, in the beginning people like harry reid and nancy pelosi and surrogates of the president, were saying all these protestors and townhalls are not genuine, it's a setup. they are evil and unamerican. you have a pole of what americans think of these protestors? >> 49% believe they represent the views of their neighbors. 37% don't. by the way, not surprisingly is
4:55 pm
partisan view and harry reid were one of views the democrats felt and republicans had a different perspective of the situation. again, it's important to remember this is more than just about health care. it's part of the frustration. there is also a gap, 49% of people representing opinions of their neighbors. so people are squeamish about the behavior itself. >> julie: we used one of your polls and posed the question to the twitter followers who do you fear more. i found that one person wrote, i trusted government more, you can vote them out every four years but you cannot do the same with insurance ceos. and insurance companies, definitely and if we had more competition to private insurance companies, service would increase. those are two sides of the story. what did you find? >> 51% say they fear the
4:56 pm
government most, 41% say the private insurers and that partisan divide is in everything we see. they do think they provide better service than the government but not by as wide a margin as other companies provide better service than government competition. >> gregg: isn't it ironic he vilified insurance companies but they distrust him more. people are conscious of the government's money and how it's being spent, $787 billion and many billions more in tarp and bailouts. you pose the question where should the budget focus, what did you find? >> we had a choice between budget -- tax cuts and spending on health care. most say they prefer tax cuts
4:57 pm
for the middle-class. one of the reasons that is what the president campaigned last year. last six weeks tee talked about tax cuts but the other reason is when the american people talked about health care reform, they want to see a reduction in spending. so the whole notion costing a trillion dollars doesn't make sense to most voters. >> gregg: we're out of time, but you also did -- most people think you spend the remainder of the stimulus, spend it back to the taxpayers, give it back to the taxpayers, was that you or -- >> most recent was the fox poll. we did a similar poll. same results. people do not want that money spent because they say government spending is bad for the economy. >> gregg: okay, scott rasmussen, thank you very much. >> julie: find scott on twitter, must seven
4:58 pm
poll. >> gregg: firefighters pushing back wildfires roaring across california. this is what they are up. towering flames, merciless winds and an army of firefighters digging out right now. their plan to take out the fires coming up next. we'll show you the pictures next. we're out here looking at bones just because they're inside you doesn't mean they're protected. oh, ladies. let's say you have osteoporosis. i do.
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>> gregg: we begin with a "fox news alert," tropical storm claudette bearing down on florida's northern gulf coast expected to make landfall tonight joining two other tropical storms, ana and bill, forming in just the last couple of days, and the trio of storms, stirring up what has been so far a quiet hurricane season. hello, i'm gregg jarrett along with julie bandaras and welcome to a new hour of inside america's news headquarters. >> julie: we'll go to domenica davis and the fox weather center, one of the tropical
5:01 pm
storms could become a serious hurricane? is that right. >> yes, one could become a serious hurricane and the other one we were watching, is downgraded, to a tropical depression, and that is good news and, we have a lot of updates to tell you about and one of them, is really the center of this latest one, tropical storm claudette, the most threatening right now, and two parts of florida and it is moving to the west and moving to the northwest, 14 miles per hour and looks like, right now, it is -- could be making landfall within the next several hours, pensacola and probably somewhere between pensacola and panama city and this is a tropical storm and expected to stay that way and winds could get a little bit higher, up to 16 miles per hour and really if you have a tropical storm this is what you want, it is basically a rain-maker and we do have our tropical storm warnings, in effect, and they push up into alabama and even tomorrow, we are going to be seeing that heavy rain, pushing in, and some strong gusty winds, right where
5:02 pm
the center of that storm is, and rain on the order of anywhere from 4 to 8 inches and nice, isolated amounts up to 10 inches and the rain bands already are rolling in around big ben, around the panama city area and, also, on the eastern edge, we have tornado warnings that are starting to pop up. this is fairly normal, and even the eastern edge, though the trend is well to the north, it is kicking up enough of the wind shift there to make for tornado warnings and just to the north of cape coral, that is when we do have two active warnings going on right now and it is -- expect that is what you will see through this evening and certainly this is not a big deal and is mainly a rain maker and we still have to keep an eye on those tornadoes that could pop up the next several hours, through this overnight and tomorrow morning and here's an apt and bill and ana is downgraded in the 5:00 update and that was expected and falling apart and looking unimpressive and bill continues to strengthen and this looks lack to be our next big
5:03 pm
hurricane, our first major hurricane of the season and the track of ana keeps it as a tropical depression. over the next several days, and as it will passport reek and head to the gulf and not looking to be -- past puerto rico and into the gulf and we need focus on bill, 65 miles per hour becoming a major hurricane by the middle of the week and could, right now, be a -- have landfall on the southeast part of the u.s. and it is still a ways out but it's certainly one we'll have to monitor closely over the next several days, gregg. >> gregg: domenica, thanks. >> julie: wildfires across california forcing thousands to evacuate and firefighters mobilizing, hundreds of fire engine, and dozens of water trucks, helicopters and bulldozers, and over 7,000 acres scorched and by at least 5 different fires, and crews are now struggling to contain multiple hot spots, and eddie cooper is a public information officer, with cal fire and
5:04 pm
eddie, how are firefighters holding up, while battling so many fires, all across the state? >> firefighters are holding up. they are working in shifts, 12-hour shifts and we have a night shift and we have a day shift and the firefighters do get some rest, however, with all of the fires breaking out, we are spreading thin, with our resources. >> julie: what they're biggest... what are the biggest hazards today? what is hampering firefighter more, right no, the hot and dry weather, or the winds? and how are they battling these elements? >> it's not necessarily the winds and the weather, it is more of the terrain and fighting the fires at. >> julie: how many people remain evacuated at this hour from their homes. >> still, over 2,000. >> julie: and, do you foresee when they might be able to return to their homes or is it too early to tell. >> it is still a little bit too early to tell but we are expecting to, hopefully, lift
5:05 pm
the evacuation and the road closures, hopefully, early this evening, or early tomorrow. >> julie: what percentage of the fire is contained at this point. >> it is currently contained at 50%, and -- yes. 50% at 6800 acres. >> julie: that is still a very large block of land that is burning now and tell me about the residents and i know you said, 2400 people have been evacuated and any injuries? >> there have been four injuries however they were minor and we don't have any information on what the injuries were. >> julie: where did all the 24 horse people go, i'm curious. >> they were given to red cross and red cross set up facilities for the... for them or they went to friends and families in other areas. >> julie: thank you very much, i know it is a busy time for you and appreciate you talking to us. >> gregg: the white house making a huge halftime ajudgment in the
5:06 pm
health care debate, these days and he's is barely mentioning the controversyie public health insurance option taking aim at big insurance companies, and instead in an op-ed the president of the u.s., "new york times" op-ed, says and i'll quote, over the past few weeks much of the media attention has been focused on the loudest voices anded what we have not heard are the voices of the millions upon millions of americans who quietly struggle every day with a system that often work better for the health insurance companies than it does for them. and that is not all. there is more, today health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius confirming what washington insiders have beenation now for weeks and she says president obama would indeed be okay with nonprofit insurance co-optives, and not a public option up that he long insisted to be in a final health care bill. take a look. >> what we don't know is exactly
5:07 pm
what the senate finance committee is likely to come up with and they have been more focused on a co-op, not for profit co-op as a competitor as opposed to a straight government-run program and i think it was -- what is important is choice an competition and i'm convinced at the end of the day the plan will have both of those but that is not the essential element. >> gregg: it is unclear she calls it audible or if the white house is campaigning changing the plan and white house correspondent mike emmanuel is traveling with the president in scottsdale, arizona and mike, it looks like no public option up is it safe to assume that is because the white house finally is realizing is not the -- there is not the political will in congress for that? >> absolutely, gregg, now the buzzwords are co-ops, choice, competition and the white house says co-ops can bring choice for health insurance they will be on board of it and they want it to be bipartisan as possible and
5:08 pm
the government option was a deal breaker and appears it will go away. >> gregg: is it likely, mike, the pit wiresident will be taki heat from the liberal base if there is no so-called government or public option in the final passage. >> absolutely, you better believe there are liberals who feel like the majority of the democrats have in the house and senate the white house should have rolled the democratic plan and rolled over the republicans but obviously the president want it to be as bipartisan as possible and so, he has to do deal-making and, look, people have been talk to the folks on capitol hill from both parties and what you get is what you get unless you write the plan yourself, and then force it upon congress from there. >> gregg: it is unwise i think for the president and others in the house and the senate, to vilify american citizens who actually dissented from what it is the democrats are proposing, so they've shifted that as well and the president is creating essentially a new villain nus
5:09 pm
character in the health care dialogue, tell us about that. >> we heard of the health insurance companies the past do you mean days the town hall meeting. >> president barack obama: he's are ordinary americans, no different from anybody else and are working hard and meeting their responsibilities. but, they are held hostage by health insurance companies that deny them coverage or drop their coverage and charge fees they cannot afford for care they absolutely need. it is hurting too many family and businesses. it is wrong. and we will fix it when we pass health insurance reform this year. >> reporter: and it is a regular part of the stump speech highlighting what people who have been dropped by health insurance companies, who are victims, basically of what he considers the broken system at this point, gregg. >> gregg: we'll follow it intensely, and that is a beautiful background, mike emmanuel behind you in scottsdale, arizona with the president. thanks very much. >> reporter: come on out!
5:10 pm
>> julie: here's a look at the latest fox news opinion dynamic polls and what the middle eastern people think about the push for health care reform. but, that is not the only issue, on the table. >> anxiety over health care reform surfaced in town hall meetings across american cities and the latest fox news opinion dwoks poll shows sharp contrast among americans-health care reform an economic recovery and overhauling health care the poll shows by a 15 percentage point margin, the public opposes the government's plan. with 34% in favor while 49% are against it. americans say the angry outbursts of the town hall meetings are genuine. with 52% saying these are real expressions of outrage, and significantly more than the 29%, orchestrated by political activists and overall satisfaction with the way things are going with the country is declining with more than 6 in 10
5:11 pm
americans saying they are dissatisfied with the direction of the country and president obama is taking heated over his policies. his job approval rating, dropped from 65%, during his first week in office, to 53%. as he travels the country, promoting his vision of health care reform. and economic recovery, almost half of americans say, they would like to see less of him, on tv. this is up from 36% who felt that way with polls back in march and the economy continues to weigh heavily on the american public, but, the outlook is less gloomy. 44% say the worst is passed us up significantly from 27%, back in april. and with signs the economy is improving without spending most of the stimulus money, most americans, 72%, say that want unused funds from the stimulus, to be returned to taxpayers. and an opinion shared by most democrats, republicans, and independents.
5:12 pm
perhaps some common ground as the country navigates through these challenging times. and here we asked our viewers to weigh in on who they trust more, the insurance companies or the government and we got many, many tweets and one writes, with all 7 done i can at least sue the insurance company. >> gregg: you can't sue the insurance company -- only for three grounds, failure of the contract, breach of contract, specific performance of the coverage, give it to motor companies i'm owed it or bad faith, which is increasingly popular, the insurance company acted in bad faith in denying coverage and that in a lot of states, you get punishment, triple the penalty in damages. >> julie: no repercussions, if the government is in control, you can't sue the government. >> gregg: the government for the most part has immunity. >> julie: and one problem, a lot of people feel they have no recourse. >> gregg: good point. >> julie: keep your tweets
5:13 pm
coming, we have got so many, incredible. >> gregg: cops arresting the thug, who allegedly beat a city's mayor with a metal pipe and milwaukee's mayor, leaving a wisconsin state fair on saturday and heard a woman crying for help and he was dialing 911 and the suspect turned and attacked him, and the man hitting barrett in the head with a pipe and the mayor practice touring his hand and punching back and a press conference today, police acknowledging the suspect has a long criminal history. >> he is somebody the police department is familiar with, one of their... last night he was a violent and vicious thug and that is how he behaved and the mayor was willing to stand between that guy and the victim, and suffered significant wounds. >> gregg: knucklehead is a legal term. and in black law's dictionary and barrett is recovering after surgery on his hand and the hospital not releasing any more details about the mayor's
5:14 pm
injuries, except to say there are no signs of major trauma, thank. for that, good for the mayor. >> julie: an american man imprisoned in myanmar returning home after jim webb interviewed, the man from missouri was arrest in myanmar and charge with breaking into the home of a pro-democracy advocate under house arrest and his plane landed in thailand sunday and he emerged looking haggard and reportedly became sick while in custody and the visit by webb marks a change in washington's approach toward the repressive regime and meanwhile, it is ruled by a military junta. >> gregg: afghanistan's president hamid karzai ordering forces to cease-fire on election day, afghan's military will only take the offense -- defensive action to prevent taliban attacks, and several dozens presidential candidates to choose from and the president
5:15 pm
karzai appears to be the favorite notwithstanding widespread public dissatisfaction with the afghan government and violence intensifying in afghanistan, just ahead of the elections, look at this: all right, videotape of our u.s. marines under fire, battling the insurgents in southern afghanistan, and helmand province and marines meeting fierce enemy resistance as they push deeper and deeper into the strong hold of the taliban for a fourth straight day, troops blowing up two towers used by insurgents, and the battle in the heart of taliban territory showing no signs of letting up. >> julie: hamas cracking down after bloody gun battedles and hamas the governing authority in gaza is striking out on an al-qaeda challenge and gunmen stormed a mosque in a border town leaving almost 30 dead, mike tobin with the latest in
5:16 pm
jerusalem. >> reporter: palestinian shed palestinian blood in the gaza strip as hamas messaged iron fisted holds over rebel groups more radical than itself and with no concern, they forced down the group and members of the group falling themselves warriors of god hold up inside a mosque and hamas attacked and 24 people killed and 6 considered unarmed civilian and more than 100 people were injured. among the dead were the radical leader of the group, and friday he gave a speech before television cameras and he declared an islamic emirate was born in the gaza strip on saturday he was dead and today, hamas police are patrolling the streets of gaza asserting their authority, web sites are making threats of violent reprisals against hamas, and one says hamas is holding the knife and a spokesperson declared everything was under control in the gaza
5:17 pm
strip and the worst palestinian on palestinian fighting since hamas sized control of the gaza strip from the rivals in the fatah party back in 2007. julie, back to you. >> gregg: we have been telling you about fierce weather in florida. well, law enforcement is now reporting a tornado has touched down in cape coral area, close to fort myers florida and touched down 4:42 p.m yesterday. and there are some -- weather maps we have been following these tropical storms, tropical storm claudette in particular and no wonder therefore we have seen a tornado touch down at cape coral, at about 4:42, so, 40 minutes ago, we'll continue to follow details. for fast relief of itchy summer skin get new cortizone 10 cooling relief gel. cools instantly with the strongest itch relief medicine. cortizone 10 cooling relief gel.
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5:21 pm
>> gregg: time for the latest news, we are following progress in santa cruz county, they just lifted the evacuation order there, and still, at least 11 wildfires raging throughout california, and those fires in santa cruz mountains, scorching more than ten square miles, so far, 2400 people forced to flee their homes and tropical storm claudette bearing down on the florida panhandle as it strengthens, winds 50 miles an hour and expected to make landfall tonight and could dump up to ten inches of rain and we just reported sightings of a tornado. health secretary kathleen sebelius saying the white house would be open to insurance co ops in a final health care bill instead of a government option and the strategy could make a health care overhaul a better sell to the public and congress. >> julie: we have been keeping a
5:22 pm
very close eye on a growing controversy in washington, white house sending e-mails, pushing its plan for health care reform, to private addresses. fox news's major garrett has been trying to get answers, as to exactly how this happened in the first place, take a look. >> i have received e-mails from people who did not seek any communication from the white house, who have never registered on the web site and never -- >> hold on, hold on. >> let me ask my question. >> let's be fair here, let's be fair. i will give you a chance to finish your question. you have done it a couple times and i wanted to be clear, okay? no, no, no, don't look funny, whether obama for america or organizers for america has nothing to do with, never has had anything to do with what -- if you sign up for, through the white to receive e-mails and let's just -- the reason i interrupted you, because i wanted you to rephrase
5:23 pm
your question. without continuing to vie -- thinking we are violating the law. >> these people never, ever signed up for anything related, this white house -- and they've received e-mails from david axelrod. how could that be. >> julie: our next guest says there is an even bigger issue here than just spam e-mail and columnist for the new york daily news and fox news contributor michael goodwin joins us and thanks for talking to us about this and it is interesting and as you point out there may be and in send explanation about the e-mails and we don't know all the fact yet but what we do know is many americans, are receiving unsolicited e-mails and i got one today, sent by one of our viewers, "it's time for a reality check." and the e-mail came from david axelrod and what does it say that axelrod is involved. >> that is the key issue, he's the political guy in the white house and the fact that he is involved, pushing the policy, tells you that it is very
5:24 pm
organized and straight out of the campaign, and, where there is crossover to the campaign and whether the white house is coordinating with outside groups, that is what major garrett was obviously trying to get whether they are sharing databases and that sort of thing and now, we don't know, but we do have a sense, a sense of how important the white house feels. they have gone to war, everything from demonizing the insurance companies to putting the president on the road, war room response to critics and already, it's expensive when you think of the president schlepping around the country to sell this thing and it is really -- really has become a salesman's job, and someone said he's become the sailsman for the super state and the president traveling the country to sell the project is really an extraordinary event in and of itself. >> julie: one of our viewers from minnesota tells me, david axelrod, quoting in part, dear friend, anyone that watched the news in the past few days knows
5:25 pm
that health insurance reform is a hot topic, and, that rumors and scare tactics have only increased as more people engage with the issue. that is an issue that concerns him because it is not so much the fact that he got the e-mail from david axelrod, it is the question of how did david axelrod get his e-mail... and i suppose, what sort of signs of the government intruding into our personal lives is this setting here. >> we don't know. that is right now, that is where we are, we don't know, major garrett is looking and trying to find out and until the white house provides the answer, through freedom of information request that is filed or answering the question but, there is another point, david axelr axelrod, the e-mail and it is focusing suddenly on insurance and instead of health care reform now it is health insurance reform and the president in his op-ed today in the "new york times" used the word "insurance" more than a dozen types and that comes
5:26 pm
straight from the white house polling where they found that polling on health care, most people are happy with the health care they have. but, it is easier to gin up anger against insurance companies and now, it's all about insurance companies and so you are seeing the president demonize the insurance companies and seeing everything about reforming insurance comes. and, i think that is very -- very much tells you it is a political-driven exercise and it really strikes me as somewhat strange because this is not what barack obama campaigned to be president on, if anything, health care was an exclusive issue and now he is so deeply into it, and so cheney chi many the table and some say the whole presidency is relying on this. >> julie: i wanted to know legally, a lot of people are angry and e-mails are as common as phone numbers and if the white house, the government is getting involved by sending an
5:27 pm
e-mail out is almost like calling at home. >> gregg: it's not against the law but you worry about people getting e-mails, critics of the white house and that means critics are on a list, and you're not allowed under federal law to use a list of dissenters for nefarious purpose and punish them in a fashion and nobody is checking that and all major garrett did was say how did you get the people and is there a list of dissent,and, michael, let me put it do you, the push -- if the bush white house sent out e-mails including those of critics of the white house, the cacophony of protests from media and elsewhere would have been deafening. >> and it would have been in federal court and the civil liberties organizations would be after that and throwing accal rod into it, you say the name, axelrod, and you think campaign
5:28 pm
and partisan and that is what the white house did, making it a partisan issue and it did that with the stimulus and paid a heavy price for the stimulus and the problem is, the stimulus was a one shot and this is one/sixth of the u.s. economy and would make permanent changes to vast industries throughout from drug research to hospital care to doctor/patient relationships and to rush it through like this, in the kind of partisan, heated way, the president today, in his op-ed in the times, up has a panacea, everything will be fixed if only he gets the plan and it's not sure what the plan is. >> julie: michael goodwin, thank you very much for calling, a fox news contributor and columnist for "the new york daily news," great having you on a sunday. >> gregg: and forks is the only news organization posing these questions and we'll continue to follow and major garrett is on it and we are not suggesting wrongdoing, we are just asking questions. >> julie: right. >> gregg: here's an industry still on its feet in the tough economy even without the help of the government bailout, the auto
5:29 pm
industry and there is no better place to be than california, for the 59th annual world premier car show and casey steegel is in beautiful pebble beach, california, you put away the golf clubs and looking at hot cars. >> reporter: yeah, yeah, absolutely, gregg, don't be jealous, i know you like california and i know you know exactly where i am, how beautiful pebble beach is and for the record for julie bandaras, i am wearing pants, a full suit out here today, no shorts, no tv magic, all right? and look at this beauty and the 1934 packard 12: 1934 and it is in mint condition. in fact, matt killkin's father owns this, this is a beautiful car and my photograph, i'll have him pan around and show our viewers an inside look. tell us about it. >> right, so the car was bought in 1934, by the magnum family, a high end clothing stores on the west coast and we are trying to
5:30 pm
track the history down on the cars, and we bought it from a guy that owned the car 50 years and the paint job is 55 years old and we buffed the paint out. >> reporter: that paint job does not look 5 a year-old. that is in mint condition and how do you keep sing this pristine of shape. >> i spent three weekends using rubbing compound to take all the old action off and polished it and the old lackers come out nice. >> what is it worth. >> 750 to a million dollars. >> reporter: we said earlier we are on the 18th fair with you of pebble beach and if a golf ball went up through this air a lot of people would freak out. >> that is why you have insurance, always have to have insurance in case something goes wrong. >> reporter: a beautiful car, matt, thanks for being with us and let us see it, one of 225 cars, that are here, absolutely spectacular, and, i know you guys are jealous, don't be jealous! >> julie: casey steegel, i am a little jealous, i'm admit. thank you very much.
5:31 pm
he's wearing shorts... >> gregg: yeah. >> julie: and what is the money saving tips that could save a bundle? who doesn't want 'em, right? and it isn't as hard as it me might sound, all you have to do is go to your local farm stand for fruits and vegetables and how to save $500 a month, next. taking its rightful place in a long line of amazing performance machines. this is the new e-coupe. this is mercedes-benz.
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5:33 pm
>> julie: bomb of the -- bottom of the hour, time for the top of
5:34 pm
the news, wildfires, and firefighters are fighting fires in the santa cruz mountains, around boyne doon, california. >> gregg: a vicious attack on milwaukee's mayor tom barrett after being beaten with a metal pipe and he was attacked as he left the wisconsin state fair, for the family. >> julie: president obama taking a detour from selling health care reform and going to the grand canyon with the first family and asked by a park ranger if it all looks the same as it did when he first saw it as a boy and the president said, it does. >> gregg: i'ming a gro phobic looking at that. -- i'm agraphobic looking at that. >> julie: are you really -- i'll take you to the empire stated building now that you told me that. >> gregg: president obama's ambitious health care overhaul plan taking a new direct and
5:35 pm
lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are tossing around the idea of nonprofit co ops and caroline shivley, live from washington and i interviewed members of congress and would a co-op change any votes in congress. >> reporter: i think it could, gregg and pull over moderate democrats and even republicans who don't like the government option. and listen to one republican's view. >> i think that is something we should look at. we already have a lot of those, something like them, nonprofits, basically. that seem to work. i don't know if it will do everything people want but we ought to look at it. i think it is a far cry from the original proposals. >> julie: kent conrad is a democrat who has been leading the insurance co-ops and the house, it is tricky, because committees have passed the public option, gregg. >> gregg: how would a nonprofit
5:36 pm
co-op work? >> well, there is nothing on paper yet, of course, and snow senate finance committee doesn't have a bill, they are still in the talking stage but senator conrad gave a good explanation of that earlier today and here's his break down. >> the idea is this the government would front end some of the money and we've yet to discuss whether all or some of that gets paid back, but, they would be that amount of involvement, but, then it would be membership, around membership control and the government wouldn't have any ongoing obligation or any control. >> reporter: the government would give them the money up front, they have to have a big financial reserve, because this -- in case they have to pay out high claims, but that don't expect to and the cops will compete with private insurers and it's unclear whether the money would get paid back or not to the government and will be a big question lawmakers will be asking, gregg. >> gregg: caroline shivley, live in washington, thanks. >> julie: earlier we asked you to twitter us with what you
5:37 pm
think on the question, who do you trust more, your insurance company or the government and we have a couple of comments you tweeted us, and one writes trust the insurance company more than government hands down and post offices are in the red and they think they can manage health care and you have one scooby doo 63. >> gregg: be afraid of government control, and oversight on the program, spells disaster. >> julie: where is this oversight in the bill? >> gregg: i'm not sure there is any. >> julie: that is the problem. >> gregg: i have read some of it. >> julie: you probably read more than congress has, congratulations. and tweet us at bandaras or gregg jarrett and we'll read your tweets. as we go along here. >> gregg: financial analysts says the worst of the recession is over and the stock market is making a come back and that doesn't do much for those of us nav gatingd through economic times and "money magazine" has
5:38 pm
ways to save up to $500 a month and ammanda from "money magazine," joins us with some and i'm a penny pin cher. >> we have cut the fat but not the fun, the motto for the story. >> gregg: i love that. let me run through a few of these, switch from unlimited calling plans to what? >> something that works for you, and for a lot of people, it will be fewer minutes, and -- than they are actually playing for now and i mean, basically this is the idea, when it comes to our phones a lot of us are paying for minutes and features that we are in the really using, and maybe, it is -- that is not the case with our phone and check out mom and dad's phones, if they have a cell phone for an emergency and they only need 9 -- they don't need 900 hours a month, sit down and analyze the plan. >> gregg: and cut the premium channels that we never watch, now, my wife did this without telling me and when i figured it
5:39 pm
out i was furious until she said how much money we are spending. >> julie: "playboy" is a fortune. >> gregg: you bust meade! no, really, we are saving a lot of money on that, amanda. >> there are many ways that you can get tv content today, and you don't need to pay for premium channels and if there is a show on hbo you love, order it off netflix or watch the shows from the web site, and watch your sports on and you want to sit down and how much time do you spend on each of those premium channels and if you cut one channel it could save you $15 a month. >> julie: and it comes back to twitter with me but apparently there are quite a few twitterers about saving money and i'm one of them and this frugal one to my right is and what does twitter have to do with saving money. >> basically, if you follow the right twitter, those that are about the deals, you can get, yes, they will be short but will
5:40 pm
be timely tips on where the bargains are, right now. and we did searching and for example if you are into music we found the twitteder@a zonmp3 and they share information constantly with deals on music. >> gregg: i took my daughter to the farmers market and we loaded up on a bunch of vegetables and saved money at the farmers market and you said buy the ones that are in season. >> exactly. basically produce when it is out of season is 20 to 50% more expensive than it is when it is in season, and we'd say, just plan your menus around what is ripe right now and not only will you save money but the added bonus here is that it will taste better and also, provides more nutrients. >> julie: parents, if you are watching we have a kid going to college in the fall and you want to listen to the next one. and textbooks for college are hundreds and you spend over -- thousands of dollars when you
5:41 pm
eventually buy them and you can rent texas textbootbooks. >> college kids are heading back and if they walk toentd bookstore they'll spend hundreds of dollars on their books, and if you just go to web sites like, you might be able to get the econ book, the bookstore charges you for $175, you get for 75 or $70. >> gregg: and what about borrowing from a credit union. >> credit unions in general are not hurting as much as the big banks are right now. so if you need a loan, they are a great place to go and credit cards, we looked up the average rates and credit unions, you get an 11.6% rate on average and the big bank is a full percentage above that. >> gregg: and we spelled the word "instead" wrong and hold the -- pull the plug on a vampire appliance.
5:42 pm
what is that. >> they are still drawing stand-by power even when they are turned off. so, basically, they -- one study showed they account for as much as 200 ai$200 a year of your el bill and plug as many as you can in tie power strip and it is easy to flip the switch before you go to bed at night or leaving for a long period of time. >> gregg: another one is, i -- don't be a snob, use coupons and i never do, i am too embarrassed but my wife does all the time. >> julie: and dine for fewer dollars, that this is key. >> julie: >> gregg: the queen of dining. >> julie: the convene of cheap date, not really, i should be and could save money and my fiancee would love that. >> you'd be surprised how many restaurant, we did research, doing what they call the bar menu and you can go out and do it for less and forgo the formal dining room and eat from the bar and save 30 to 50%. >> gregg: you have 103 ways, the
5:43 pm
cover of "money magazine" and a good issue, amanda gengler, thanks for being with us. >> thank you so much. >> julie: we're watching four storms, in all, churning in the atlantic, in the caribbean and couple of these storms, headed for florida and the gulf coast, and the tropical storm claudette specifically gaining strength right off of florida, and it could make landfall tonight and we're tracking the storm in the fox weather center next. ♪
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>> julie: craigslist, and signer classified ad sites, and quick and easy way to sell or rental your -- or find a cheap rental. >> gregg: and ease of convenes as well as the price, could be a double edged sword and potentially opening you up to virtually everybody out there, including, that's right, the con artist, how to avoid becoming an on-line victim, we are joined by tom bartholomew of the better business bureau, i was really surprised at what is a fairly common scam, called the overpayment scam, and explain how that works, so we can be aware of it. >> we have always said, buyer beware, and if it sound too good to be true it probably is and now we are adding the phrase, seller beware and scammers are finding ways to rip off sellers, and basically what happens is if you place something for sale on
5:47 pm
craigslist, a car, even your apartment for rented and somebody is willing to send you a check, for more than what it is worth and they'll say, okay, go ahead and ship it to us and we'll work out the difference, whatever the shipping costs are and whatever is left, go ahead and send that back to the -- wire it back to me, and that is really the key to the scam, they will then send you a cashier's check, and -- for $5,000. >> julie: what about using a third-party system like pay paul when you buy something on the internet you have the option of using paypal or but in your debit card or credit card number and expiration date, et cetera, it's and billing address and what is the safest way to pay on-line when you buy something. >> services like paypal, where it act like an escrow accounted and the money goes there, and it is all good and the money gets released and that is really the safest way to do business. >> julie: what a worry about... >> gregg: i see this all the time, we'll send you this
5:48 pm
tickets. >> and the big problem now, and coming up in the nfl season that is the biggest market for phony tickets. and, you really have to deal with' reputable site and somebody selling them on craigslist is a crap shoot and doing business ate a reputable site and it's easy to check them out at bbb.of rg and you can find out the ones you need to stay away from. >> julie: a lot of urban areas use craigslist as a way to get rid of unused furniture and unwanted furniture and a lot of times what they do is you contact somebody and exchange phone number and e-mails and take your business to your -- and you have your own private back and forth and leave out craigslist for example, is that a bad idea to develop personal relationships with the people you are doing business with. >> on craigslist, if you are selling much, you really want to keep it local. and, that -- not try to do the
5:49 pm
shipping and shipping it too far, and, really, you want to use cash and that is the whole thing about craigslist and i have bought things on craigslist but when you stick with a local situation and buying and selling it locally and you use cash, it is quick and painless and you can get a great deal. >> gregg: and you -- seems like a no brainer but people don't do it all the time, never send the much, if you are a seller, before you receive payment. >> for sure. and people lose cars, lose cars and thousands of dollars, by shipping them first. >> gregg: you can't trust people, and these are great tips, and tom, thanks for being with us, better business bureau. >> sure. >> julie: go ahead. >> gregg: look at the label on your prescription me indications, look, closely and take outer eyeglasses. it tells you how to take it, the risk and the benefits and now, medical researchers say, hey, there is important information that is not there. missing.
5:50 pm
what a drug label doesn't tell you but should, coming up next. finally, good news for people with type 2 diabetes or at risk for diabetes. introducing new nutrisystem d, the clinically tested program for losing weight and reducing blood sugar. hi i'm mike, and i lost 100 pounds on nutrisystem d when i was first diagnosed with diabetes, that first step was more like a giant leap. till i discovered nutrisystem d. in a clinical study people on nutrisystem d lost 16 times more weight and reduced their blood sugar 5 times more than those on a hospital-directed plan. plus a1c was reduced .9%. choose from over 140 menu options, there is no counting carbs, calories or points. i lost 100 lbs. and lowered my blood sugar level. nutrisystem d changed my life. mike is one of many who have lost weight and controlled their diabetes with new nutrisystem d. backed by 35 years of research and low glycemic
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>> the fda requires -- go ahead, gregg. if he da requires a lot of details -- >> gregg: hello! >> julie: so funny, anyway, the fda requires a lot of detailed information on their labels that come with prescription drugs and risks and benefits and when to take them and when not to and labels don't provide doctors and patients with other critical information, how one drug compares to another. >> gregg: comparative effectiveness and researchers at the cleveland journal of medicine say if a new prescription drug is not proven to be more effective than similar medications it meades to
5:54 pm
be made clear on the label and the information would allow patients, physicians and insurers to better judge whether a drug is a real advantage and let's put the question to our fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel. should there be information on comparative effective. >> i would vote yes but there are caveats, the doctor should explain on what is going on with the medication and how it compares to other medication and that is first of all, and here's the prescription and i want more conversation and the point of putting it on the label i have concern and in 1990 great britain did it with birth control pills and id scared people and ledded to a lot of unwanted pregnancies and you have to be careful with the information and it can be there and should be there but a lot of times medication are on a patient by patient basis and you
5:55 pm
can have all the comparative effects in the world and it still has to be a one-on-one decision and i'm concerned about patient privacy and it should be there and watch out for privacy issues. >> julie: and how could they take our privacy away from us and it should be a patient by patient issue and should be a patient and doctor and you don't want anybody else reading about your medical... or mental drugs, gregg! >> gregg: the mental drugs i'm taking -- >> full disclosure. he's not my patient. i don't know what he's on. >> gregg: i'm not on anything! >> i know he's not but, look, the point is, yes, it could be a privacy issue, but, right now, people don't know, it is already available and cvs pharmacy and rite aid across the country, since the 1970s an 1980s have a list of what patients are taking and want to expand that and it could end up, the government could end up having it and they have it with the credit information and the irs has it
5:56 pm
and i think we have to be careful and i think there is a value to it but patients are worried about their health information getting out there. >> gregg: and the role of the fda. >> that is this point, the fda is this point person, and this fda is not involved now and now only pharmacies are involved and to get this fda involved, gregg, you use the data to benefit patients and if the drug is doing what people say it is or side effects people are not considering, once a drug is enforced -- approved there are not a lot of studies after that and it is a vast amount of data, as long as it is used properly. >> gregg: should there be a block on pharmaceutical companies that limit their ability to stop generic drugs from other companies? >> i've already well into the health debate as you know and i think, yes, there is a problem with that but some of it is patent laws and i want to add to
5:57 pm
that, it's not always the generics that are better than the brand name drug and president obama says the red pill or blue pill and sometimes the red pill and the blue pill and i don't want to take away doctors' choices and i want to move towards generic drugs and they are cheaper and are often just as good, and i don't want to take away the physicians' choice. >> julie: the. if da labeled the drugs and people weigh the likelihood if somebody wanted to bay more expensive drug that comes out because they want to stay with the cheaper and that is not always necessarily better. >> that is a good question and we have seen generations of drugs, and generation of drugs, if we don't know if they are better and it might help us cut down on cost and sometimes the newest is the greatest and cholesterol-lowering drugs, we have made them better and better and better and i don't want the newest drugs to go under the bus but this way we can compare if the physician -- i don't want the government doing it. >> julie: doctor, thank you very much. >> thank you.
5:58 pm
>> gregg: tropical storm claudette, keeping an eye on it in florida, a tornado has been spotted already, so, we have it covered for you, there is our radar map, and lots more, still ahead. >> julie: we'll have that coming up tonight on the fox report, that is it for you, and "fox news sunday" with chris wallace starts right now. generally awesome. and you could just-- go online, video-chat with my cousin. this is un-- under $200. are you some kind of-- mind reader, visionary ? no, i have them. huh. the new lightweight hp mini netbook with windows and america's largest and most-reliable 3g network built in. only 199.99 with mobile broadband plans from 39.99 i am-- speechless, envious. wanna be me right now. getting one. i just want fewer pills and relief that lasts all day. take 2 extra strength tylenol every 4 to 6 hours?!? taking 8 pills a day... and if i take it for 10 days -- that's 80 pills.
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